What is the typical cost?

As we provide bespoke wayfinding solution that are unique to your business needs and objectives, the pricing will differ depending on the complexity of the solution and the services you need. Contact us for free consultation and price evaluation.

What is the time needed to deliver a solution?

It depends on the complexity of the solution and the services you need.

What is the type of display that VisPoint use?

It depends on your preference. Our providers offer a great variety of enterprise-grade screens of different shapes and sizes.

Does VisPoint also provide the required hardware?

Yes. VisPoint is a one-stop solution which also consists of superior hardware provision, our software is nevertheless of a high compatibility with various hardware configurations and operating systems.

We have got hardware on hand, can VisPoint develop merely the software for us?

Yes. The solution of VisPoint is highly flexible, we are always delighted to help you with wayfinding solution development no matter which step of the process is concerned.

Can we integrate third-party APIs into the solution?


Can we put advertisements on the screen?


What do we need to provide VisPoint with?

Please prepare the following for the development of your wayfinding solution: (1) Map graphics in the format of AI or PSD, (2) Shop information, (3) Display images including posters, photos, logos.

What kind of user statistics does VisPoint collect?

Extensive user data are available for your analysis, including users per day, route searches, distribution of kiosk usage, search methods, page viewed, time spent, tenant popularity, top searches, most viewed advertisements, usage of functionalities, and more.