About Us

About the team behind Vispoint

Vispoint is crafted by Aura Labs, an award-winning digital agency based in Hong Kong. We have worked with some of the most recognisable brands in the world to deliver visitor engagement solutions that reach millions each year.

Visitor engagement should start by setting your visitors on a journey you have envisioned for them

We guide you through the entire process from ideation, kiosk design, to deployment and beyond. We also support the continuation of Vispoint, from modules to insight reports; we have a range of services that you can count on.

We build you a solution that scales

Millions of people visit shopping malls, offices, and other spaces each day; however, visitor engagement never evolved. Vispoint is created to address this issue. A touch point that delivers wayfinding, information and help fulfill visitor intent in a frictionless format.

At the surface Vispoint is a way-finder, however, it can become so much more.

Find out how we can extend VisPoint into a visitor experience hub that serves as the pillar of all your marketing efforts.