In the 1960s, an educator and urban planner named Kevin Lynchfirst used the term “wayfinding” in his book “The Image of the City”, where he describes the city in terms of its physical forms that he said can be “conveniently classified into five types of elements: paths, edges, districts, nodes, and landmarks.”

Features Highlights

Real & tailor made 2D / 2.5D /3D Map
Rapid & accurate search engine
Map rotation, zoom in/out, dragging
Clear route display animation
Multi-language supported
Advertisement display
Real time content management system
Statistical analysis report
Interfacing any hardwares like scanner, printer, scanner, sensors etc.
Integrated with any third party api/modules like flight info, social media platform, queueing system, parking system, weather etc.


Attractive advertisement feature

Advertisement can be displayed in idle time to achieve the maximum usage of the kiosk which can be product promotion, discount coupon or special offer by format of images or video.


Statistical report

All touch records will be stored in database for marketing or strategy analysis purpose. A report can be generated to check the most popular kiosk, shops, searching, or timeslot.


Real angle oriented

Angle of the map of every kiosk is tuned to the actual direction of the visitor facing, which can prevent visitors from being confused about the direction of the map.


Anchor display

Different type of room display can be applied on map like Logo, shop name, shop number in order to highlight special anchor or tenant.


AI shortest path calculation

A shortest path from current location to the destination will be generated, which will be varied by different situation like accessible mode, crowded corridor or disabled facilities(Like elevator or escaulator)


Map Editor

The 3D map is generated by a powerful map edit platform; Map area, shop area, corridor, walking area, and any drawing about the map can be easily updated by this platform. Especially good for marketing team to adjust the special route for events.



Content Management System


Monitor & Maintenance

Backend Dashboard

At the surface Vispoint is a way-finder, however, it can become so much more.

Find out how we can extend VisPoint into a visitor experience hub that serves as the pillar of all your marketing efforts.